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Delay Shipping During X-mas Season

Dear customer,
I'm Helen, the customer service manager of the Moderwear website.
Thank you for being our customer! We would like to notice about the shipping time.
Due to the complicated situation of the Corona disease (Covid-19), the worldwide transportation system is frozen in some countries. Beside, Xmas is coming, the transportation speed will slow down and therefore your orders may arrive later than expected. Normally, the shipping time is 5-12 days, but during this time, it takes from 13 to 21 days. We are sorry to tell you that the orders were placed after December 5 may arrive after Christmas.
Hope that you can understand for us. Our orders always use the best shipping companies in the world, such as: USPS, DHL and FedEx, but this delay is a global situation.
However, if you feel it’s inconvenient and would like to cancel your order, please send a response to us within 24 hours, we will be willing to cancel for you full refund.
Please reach out to us at
if you have additional questions or concerns.
Thank you for trusting and using Moderwear products.